8th Veganniversary

Today marks my eighth year of being a vegan. I have to admit, when I first started I wasn't sure where I would go with it, but I was determined to follow my heart and stick with it, despite my peers and society not making it easy. Today, I can safely say I've no regrets. Unfortunately I'm extremely lazy when it comes to making sure I'm getting proper nutrition and such (to be honest I'm surprised I'm even alive), but nonetheless, I've never felt better in all my life.
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Vegan (fair-trade) sports bra?

I'll be having a breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks and one day, and I need a sturdy, comfortable sports bra for healing (and high impact sports in the distant future, hopefully). I might be willing to hope that if it's a color that isn't new, like black or white, they haven't gone and dropped the dye in rabbit eyes to see if it's harmful. A lot of the bras are also saying "tested for harmful substances," which I'm sure means animals testing. I NEED to buy a pair, and finding a second-hand, super-sturdy, fitting sports bra with such short notice... yeah, right.

I found this:, does anyone know if that's any good and if they use plant dyes without animal testing?

P.S. I'm in Sweden, so US-centric advice... not very helpful! I really hope you can help me. I don't want to buy rabbit-eye-tested things, but I will if I can't find anything else.

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Hopefully not too TMI, but a question.

So I've made it about 80%+ Vegan (still stumbling over the little ingredients or outings here and there, learning what to look for) and I'm stoked about how much better I feel in general.

One question/complaint though: I have to pee, nonstop. I'm not drinking copious amounts of water, my one vice is a soy latte in the morning (not every day) and even on days when I'm not drinking coffee and I stay away from other diuretics/caffeine, I just incessantly have to use the restroom.

Is this my body adjusting to higher water intake from vegetables and something normal that will go away in time? I'm not eating an astounding amount of fruits and veggies--I'm balancing it out with grains like rice fairly evenly, so I'm not sure if there's something I should be adjusting to help with this.

I have to admit I wasn't the most hydrated person before this, so I'm not sure if my body is going through a phase of flushing extra water it's held or what. Just wondering if anyone has insight since it's starting to become an issue as I only have so much time to use the restroom at work.

Thanks for the help ahead of time guys :)

Eating Less Fiber

My stomach seems to be of an increasingly sensitive disposition so before I start gaining weight (for sports reasons, also hence the high protein) properly again I thought I’d look into how to best reduce my fibre intake. I can’t seem to find anything from google because it all seems to assume you struggle to eat 15g.  I doubt I’ll ever get it to around 30g but I figure I may as well try to reduce it.

What is the healthiest way to do it? What can I swap for what while keeping my protein high? Any tips or pointer towards good info would be very appreciated

A pretty normal day of eating would be:

Shredded wheat, fruit, nuts, soy milk

2 Linda McCartney sausages, homemade oat protein bar

Lasanga (TVP, spinach, tomato, white pasta, soy milk based white sauce), broccilli

2 lentil & sietan burgers, corn on the cob

Chocolate/sweet of some sort

2 hummus sandwiches (brown bread), 2-3 bits of fruit

3000 calories, 150g protein, 65g fiber

(random) oh schnap!

Raw food desserts?

Anyone into raw food? I work for a (very small) raw food company and we're trying some sweets. We want to make a sort of vanilla "cake", but I haven't had much luck finding any recipes so far. Anyone have any useful leads? Sites you use, or a book to recommend? I'm new to raw food so I'll take any help I can get :) Thanks guys!

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