oy with the poodles already (bdspitapit31) wrote in veganism,
oy with the poodles already

Vegan "Cheese"

I've been vegetarian since June and working on becoming vegan for a couple months. To be honest it hasn't been real hard for me to not eat eggs, milk... occasionally I accidentally buy something that's not vegan. For instance I got so excited to see buffalo chicken-less tenders, and didn't notice til I got them home that they weren't vegan.

Okay really though. Cheese is my favorite food. Specifically, sharp cheddar... in block form. It's the flavor, but perhaps even more, the texture.
Okay, I also really like baked mac n cheese.

I have so far tried two cheese substitutes: Daiya and Teese.
I HATED the taste of Daiya. Seriously. I threw it away, and I do NOT like throwing food away.
The Teese was alright in the cheddar and broccoli potato skins that I made, but to be honest I couldn't taste it that much. I made something else with it that I really didn't like... mac n cheese I believe. And no way could you just eat this... texture is all wrong.

Is there a vegan cheese that tastes like dairy cheese and has the texture?? If a recipe has cheese as a topping or non-essential ingredient, at this point I'd rather just leave it out than keep trying disappointing substitutes. I really would like to enjoy a good mac n cheese and just some cheese as a snack sometimes... anything???
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