Lauren (shockfactor) wrote in veganism,

Protein help

Hello vegans...I need some help! I've been a vegan for six years now, but I gave birth on 1/7/2011 and...crap! My son is allergic to soy and tree nuts.  Meaning, I can't eat soy or tree nuts for as long as I'm breastfeeding him.  

Let me tell you, it is NOT worth it to keep eating them, either...he get's frantically fussy and has serious stomach pain.  

Long story short, I need some help! I'm struggling to really fill out my diet. Until I cut it out, I didn't realize just how much soy I consumed.  Not to mention that now I can't have my beloved almond milk either :(

Aside from quinoa and beans, do y'all have any tasty suggestions for getting the protein I need to produce high-quality breastmilk without consuming dairy, eggs, soy, or nuts?
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