Twisted Bonsai Tree (stefan11) wrote in veganism,
Twisted Bonsai Tree

Two questions

My first post here. So, to start, a bit of background. I've been a vegetarian since 1974. 11 weeks ago I decided to try a vegan diet, starting with a month long experiment and then continuing with another two months. Very likely, I will continue with it maybe for the rest of my life (even if not in an absolutist way, as sometimes I have no choice but to eat out, we'll see).

Question 1: I love yogurt and, it seems, my body needs yogurt (at least, I feel like my digestive system works better when I eat yogurt). Recently, I have been eating "Whole Soy & Co" Organic Soy Yogurt. It is delicious. Unfortunately, it has lots of sugar which causes other problems. So, is there some other kind of vegan yogurt or kefir that does not contain sugar (or contains less sugar)?

Question 2: Is there organic vegetarian (or vegan) food for dogs?

Thank you!
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