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Eating Less Fiber

My stomach seems to be of an increasingly sensitive disposition so before I start gaining weight (for sports reasons, also hence the high protein) properly again I thought I’d look into how to best reduce my fibre intake. I can’t seem to find anything from google because it all seems to assume you struggle to eat 15g.  I doubt I’ll ever get it to around 30g but I figure I may as well try to reduce it.

What is the healthiest way to do it? What can I swap for what while keeping my protein high? Any tips or pointer towards good info would be very appreciated

A pretty normal day of eating would be:

Shredded wheat, fruit, nuts, soy milk

2 Linda McCartney sausages, homemade oat protein bar

Lasanga (TVP, spinach, tomato, white pasta, soy milk based white sauce), broccilli

2 lentil & sietan burgers, corn on the cob

Chocolate/sweet of some sort

2 hummus sandwiches (brown bread), 2-3 bits of fruit

3000 calories, 150g protein, 65g fiber

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