x_azriel_x (x_azriel_x) wrote in veganism,

Hopefully not too TMI, but a question.

So I've made it about 80%+ Vegan (still stumbling over the little ingredients or outings here and there, learning what to look for) and I'm stoked about how much better I feel in general.

One question/complaint though: I have to pee, nonstop. I'm not drinking copious amounts of water, my one vice is a soy latte in the morning (not every day) and even on days when I'm not drinking coffee and I stay away from other diuretics/caffeine, I just incessantly have to use the restroom.

Is this my body adjusting to higher water intake from vegetables and something normal that will go away in time? I'm not eating an astounding amount of fruits and veggies--I'm balancing it out with grains like rice fairly evenly, so I'm not sure if there's something I should be adjusting to help with this.

I have to admit I wasn't the most hydrated person before this, so I'm not sure if my body is going through a phase of flushing extra water it's held or what. Just wondering if anyone has insight since it's starting to become an issue as I only have so much time to use the restroom at work.

Thanks for the help ahead of time guys :)
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