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Lord Percy Percy

The vegan diet and menstruation

I'm not sure if this has been discussed here before or if these links have already been posted - sorry if I'm being repetitive!

I've read comments from many women stating that a transition to a vegan diet eliminated or reduced period pain. Personally I have noticed a few changes since switching from my lacto-ovo-veg diet in February, but it usually depends on how well I've been eating and for the most part my period is just a lot more stable (I don't suffer from regular cramping or pain anyway - just insane chocolate cravings and weird dreams).

I've wondered about this, and why switching to a vegan diet specifically might have an effect on a woman's cycle. Tonight I read these articles:




I'm curious about the information given in these articles. Can anyone link me to more recent articles/info? Do you have any information to share?

I'd like to try the low-fat diet next year (after Christmas!!) to see if it has any effect on my period, though I have no intention of sticking to it permanently. I'm a little concerned that nuts weren't mentioned... I eat cashews, almonds and walnuts regularly.
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