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for the animals, for the people, for the world.

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For the Animals, For the People, For the World
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The LiveJournal Veganism Community

What. This journal is intended to be a supportive community for vegans and those who wish to become vegan. As the community progresses we hope to make an informative, comprehensive journal as well as encourage discussions on veganism and animal rights. We support the fight for animal liberation and abolishing all forms of animal exploitation through protests, boycotts, civil disobedience and non-violent direct action (taking into account that you cannot inflict acts of violence against property and other material items).

Who. We welcome all types of vegans: animal-rights oriented, health-oriented, etc. NO bitching or bragging along the lines of 'punker than fuck' or 'more Vegan than thou'. Snobbery and elitism won't be tolerated, since they aren't helpful anyway. On this note, the honey debate has been closed, as it causes way too much drama. A good article on honey and veganism can be found here.

Rules. By participating in the community and becoming a member, you are agreeing to abide by the community rules. Please be sure you read them before joining.

1. The lj-cut Tag: When posting any graphic or disturbing pictures or text, use the LJ-cut tag, and please put a warning of sensitive material in the lj-cut text. Please realize some users upset easily, or are eating when surfing our journal, and vomit is really hard to get out of keyboards. Anyone who does not use an lj-cut tag for disturbing posts will first be warned, and if an appropriate amount of time has passed and the post has not been edited it will be deleted. Posters that continue to ignore this rule and post graphic pictures and text without cutting even after Mod intervention will be banned.

2. Trolling and Snark: Blatant trolling (or making remarks only to shame vegans or veganism) and snark will be cause for immediate deletion and banning upon Mod Discretion, with no warning. Keep the snark in the snark communities, where it belongs.

3. Debating: Debating is more than welcome, as long as there are no personal insults (see "troling" above), graphic text or pictures are used, and the debate is kept civil. Anyone verbally attacking any member of this community will be warned, then banned.

4. Community Promotion: Take your community promotion to community_promo; that sort of thing isn't welcome here and will be deleted without warning.

5. Before You Post: Make use of all the tools and resources in our handy side bar before you post.

6. Recipes: The best place to post your recipes is vegancooking.

7. Honey and Vegan Cat debates are no longer allowed in the community as they are divisive, redundant, and non-constructive. (These topics are welcome in other debate-specific communities, and possibly other vegan communities as well.) If you have questions about this policy, email a moderator.

Who's In Charge? veganism was created on 12.20.02 by cloverpixie & forestdweller. Additional moderators are rockstarbob & cailin_t.

To report trolling or to contact us for other community reasons, please email:
forestdweller - forestdweller @ livejournal.com
rockstarbob - rockstarbob @ livejournal.com
cailin_t - cailin_t @ livejournal.com

Community Tools + Resources. Please explore the many items on veganism's side bar: links, tags, search box, summary of most recent entries, etc. If you would like to suggest a tag or link, email rockstarbob at rockstarbob @ livejournal.com.

Food For Thought. Do we, as humans, having an ability to reason and to communicate abstract ideas verbally and in writing, and to form ethical and moral judgments using the accumulated knowledge of the ages, have the right to take the lives of other sentient organisms, particularly when we are not forced to do so by hunger or dietary need, but rather do so for the somewhat frivolous reason that we like the taste of meat? In essence, should we know better?

"Going vegan is the best thing people can do for their health, the environment, and, of course, the animals."
-Howard Lyman

"Harmlessness is the highest religion."
- Jain writings

"Now I can at last look at you in peace, I do not eat you anymore."
- Franz Kafka

veganism is a sister community to vegancooking, home of all of your vegan cooking needs!

Last update: rockstarbob [04.27.05]

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